Atta Aashirvaad 10 x 2kg

Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta is made using the 4-step advantage process which helps to retain its natural dietary fibers and nutrients. Sourced directly from the farmers, showered with just the right amount of rain and sun-kissed to perfection the grains are heavy on the palm and amber in colour. These expertly sourced grains undergo mechanized packaging that ensures zero human contact and 100% safety.
You and your family can lead a fit and healthier lifestyle as you enjoy soft, fluffy and delicious rotis from this natural protein-rich whole wheat atta. The dough made from Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta absorbs more water making the Rotis soft, fluffy and delicious which helps you power through the day.
Nutritional Facts
1% Total Fat – 0.5 g, 0% Saturated Fat – 0 g, 0 % Cholesterol – 0 mg, 0% Sodium – 0 mg,
8% Total Carbohydrates – 23 g, 16% Dietary Fiber – 4 g, Protein – 4 g.

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