Dabur Cloves Tooth Paste 6 x 100ml

With over 130 years of Herbal expertise, Dabur has always been committed to the health and well-being of every household. In keeping with this motto, Dabur Herbl range of toothpaste have been specially formulated for those consumers who are looking for natural solutions for their various oral care needs. Dabur Herbl Clove Toothpaste has been formulated with the goodness of nature wonder herb Clove, which has been used over the years to protect the teeth from cavities and relieve dental pain. Eugenol, the main component of Clove has powerful analgesic (pain- relieving) and antiseptic properties making it an excellent choice for cavity protection. Dabur Herbl Clove Toothpastes Fluoride Paraben free formulation has been specially crafted to ensure that you have a pleasant mouthfeel post brushing so that you can begin your day on just the right note.

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