Ashoka Pickle Red Chilli In Olive Oil 6 x 300 gr

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Pickles going a healthy way! Now enjoy your favorite pickles without worrying about the oil content adding to your diet. Finest Indian spices mixed with a healthy dosing of olive oil brings out the best of pickles.
Now relish pickles without any guilt! Introdcing a healthy selection of Olive Oil pickles from Ashoka! Unique Indian flavors coupled with healthy Olive Oil. Indulge your taste buds and do justice to your heart with this delicious Ashoka Red Chili Pickle in Olive Oil.
Ingredients: Fresh Red Chilli (60%), Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar, Mustard, Fenugreek, Coriander, Acetic Acid, Turmeric, Aniseeds, Asafoetida, Cumin, Black Pepper.

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